ooc: Hiatus… Or not?




Well… I’ll be on hiatus for three days but it’s depend when my father will has his car back becasue his car is on repair and he hasn’t new about it.

If it’s the case, I hope I’ll back here faster than possible because three days without internet… It’s impossible! >_<;

If it’s not, i’ll post something that I can say I’m here and ready to rp with everyone! X3

See you tomorrow, dreamers!

Good night and sweet dreams.

Mun: … And I still have the M!A “Oh Hell No” for Faust, but look like I haven’t the days so… I can said it’s depent of Myself… Cool ^^;

It’ll last long enough, it depends on my mood but if I stopped, it’s over. (I’ll have some fun to do this, but i’ll regret this too XD) 

I’ll activated the M!A after my hiatus so… See you in three days, guys.

thedarkwanderingdoctor a demandé:

"Uh? R-Reisen?" He blink doutfully and shake his head. "I-It's really you?!" ((Mun: Reisen-Mun, it's you? O.O))



"Huh? F…"

"Faust! Yes! Yes, it’s me!"

//Yep! It’s me! :D

Faust run to her and take her on his arms to hug her: he feels so happy that he can’t resist to do it.

"Reisen! My dear! I-I’m glad to see you!" said the doctor happily. "I-I miss you so much!"

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